Our Story


At the age of 20 I had a miraculous encounter with the Lord alone late one night in my bedroom. I then began attending Church regularly but neglected to renew my mind in the word of God as the Bible advises us we all need to do.

I had gone through a lot in life and years later severe storms hit my life due to unresolved past issues and I ended up attempting suicide. I survived the attempt and soon after began feeling the Lord gently prompting me to spend more time focused on Him and His teaching.

I started watching live streaming Christian music videos, Christian teaching and other Christian programs regularly instead of standard entertainment and began feeling a lot stronger both mentally and spiritually. I also took practical steps in my recovery including seeing medical professionals, joining Church groups and getting Christian counseling.

A couple of years later once again I went through really severe storms in life for different reasons this time, but as my house was now built upon the rock of the Lord (Matthew 7:24-25) I was not swept away as before. I pressed even more deeply into the Lord, Christian community (church) and immersed myself in Christian live streaming media.

The same Christian media the Lord used to help me through so much in life is centrally available on Living Streams TV to help everyone. There are hundreds of Christian video and audio live streams from around the world to help us go deeper in the Lord, keep our focus on Him in the storms of life, renew our minds and grow stronger in Him.

With diverse content including preaching, music, movies, dramas, news, health, kids programs and more, there is something for everyone.